Wednesday, 12 October 2016

LED HighBay Lights : What Should You Consider Before Buying Them

Sweeping the industry of lighting are a relatively new invention: LED bay lights. 
Everybody has seen LED highbay lights before, although they may not have been aware of it. These lights are popularly seen in warehouses, storage centers, and even offices. 

One of the most enticing things about these lights is the low amount of heat they put off. The heat released by a light fixture, or light bulb, is important in a business setting when it comes to consider the comfort of workers which should directly increase their output.

LED stands for "light emitting diode" and this refers to the components of the light as well as what it does. An LED light consists of a diode and semiconductor. The diode is a material that allows the current to flow in only one direction, and the semiconductor is what determines the color of the LED light. When electricity passes over the diode, and the atoms in the semiconductor chip are excited to a higher level and must release that excess energy.

That energy is released as light. This is very different from traditional light bulbs which are made of a glass which is blown into molds when it is too hot and has a tungsten coil placed inside of it. That tungsten coil is what heats up, and then gives off light. As there are different processes which generate light, the light bulbs release ninety percent of their energy as heat and only about ten percent as light. LED highbay lights are about seventy-five percent more efficient than the traditional incandescent bulb. 

As compared to these two, compact fluorescent lights employ another way than those previously mentioned. The compact fluorescent lights contain mercury and argon in a spiral-shaped tube. When turned on, an electric current will pass through the mercury and argon vapors, exciting the atoms and producing an ultraviolet light. This ultraviolet light stimulates a fluorescent coating on the inside of the bulb, which causes it to emit visible light. All this makes LED light about twenty-five percent more efficient than compact fluorescent lights.

The startup cost is probably the most important part of investing in LED lights. While it may be easy enough to replace one at a time, that is not what people are usually doing or considering. The in ital cost of investment may be high, however they end up saving users money in the long term.

Additional to the great reduction in the monthly electricity bill, there would also be a deduction in the cost of the air conditioning bill as LED bay lights are less likely to raise the temperature of a room or building.

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