Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Why Install LED T8 Tubes?

Did you know that installation of any LED T8 tubes could help to reduce the amount of electricity used to light certain rooms by as much as 50%. As we have become more aware of the need for devices that are energy efficient so many improvements have been made to systems that provide us with light.

LED T8 tubes are one of the most recent devices to be made available to us that provide a source of energy efficient lighting. As these tubes don't need to use so much energy to help generate light they are helping to bring people's electricity bills down. However this isn't the only benefit to be gained from using such lighting they are also much more environmentally friendly.

Today you will discover when it comes to LED tubes they come in a number of different specifications. As well as them coming in a variety of different lengths they also come in a variety of watt and voltage ranges as well. These tubes however are able to produce 94 lumens per watt and would make the ideal replacement for any other tubes you have at present.

As already mentioned above LED T8 tubes are environmentally friendly. This is because they don't contain any mercury or lead within them to help generate the light. Unfortunately other light sources do and when they heat up they then release toxins into the air that aren't only detrimental to the environment but also possibly to your health.

Along with such lights being environmentally friendly you will also find that they are considerably more durable than other such forms of lighting. Instead of having to worry about replacing the tubes within the next year you will find with this form of LED lighting that it will be several years before they need to be replaced. The reason for this being that these lights use less far less energy to generate light and as a result don't generate as much heat as other standard forms of tubes do.

If for example you were to leave any LED T8 tubes on throughout the day and night they wouldn't need replacing for at least 5 years. Whereas the same cannot be said for other forms of tube lighting, in most cases you would find if you were to do this the lights would need replacing within 6 months at least.

Another thing worth considering if you are wondering whether installing this form of LED lighting is a good idea or not? When you turn these lights on they start work straight away so you aren't going to be suffering from what is known as flickering or strobing occurring. The light they generate is instantaneous, which means that they provide you with plenty of night as soon as they are turned on.

Okay the cost of installing LED T8 tubes is quite expensive, but don't forget over the time they are being used they are helping to bring the cost of your annual electricity bills down.

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