Monday, 6 October 2014

What Are The Differences Between LED Lights And Traditional Bulbs

When considering replacing your current lighting system with LED lights, you are probably reviewing all of the information about this technology and what such a change will require. But, if you are not knowledgeable about the differences between the two, you may be hesitant to pay the upfront costs which come with installing LED lighting tubes.

This type of light gets its name from the fact that it is based off a light emitting diode. In fact, these little plastic pieces are not light bulbs at all however they are very small semiconductors which have been cordoned off and separated by a plastic dome. This dome helps to protect the light which is being emitted as well as focuses it on a specific area.

However, a normal light bulb uses a filament. And this filament does not produce any reaction until power is directly applied. Whenever this happens, the filament start to glow red hot, which in turn creates light as a byproduct. It is known as a hot process, and it takes a lot of energy. Ai LED Lighting lamps are different as they rely on a cold process to produce light. Which means the light you are seeing is not a product of immense heat. Instead, electrons are stimulated in the semiconductor whenever electricity is applied, and the light is a side effect of this stimulation which produces photons, that then appear in the visible light spectrum.

Conventional light bulbs require so much energy because the filament must remain heated at all times to produce the light. When these filaments get too hot, they burn out easily and so needs to be replaced. This is less likely to happen because of the lack of heat. As such, they use a lot less energy and last longer, making them a lot more efficient.

As most LED bulbs do not have the same wattage as traditional lights, you will need to use more light bulbs for the same effect. However, even though you are using two or three times the number of traditional ones, you are also using lesser energy overall.

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