Thursday, 15 May 2014

Commercial LED Lighting: Some Great Benefits Of Using It In Your House And Business

The ability for manufacturers of commercial LED lighting to create truly white light continues to evolve due to improvements in the technology used. Today these types of lights feature much higher lumens per watt efficiencies compared to the prototypes they offered us initially.

As a result this has now resulted in a number of different forms of architectural and site lighting applications being made available, that was once only available through HID commercial lighting fixtures.

So what are the benefits to a company choosing to install commercial LED lighting today, rather than to stick with what they have currently. In this article we take a look at just some of these benefits. Plus we also take a look at what some of the effects traditional lighting you see in stores and offices today.

Benefit 1 - Compared to traditional lighting for offices and stores you will find installation of LED lighting will help to reduce the amount of energy the property uses. By reducing the amount of electricity you use to power lights in an office or store means that far less fossil fuels or oil needs to be burnt in order for electricity to be created. So there will be less of the by products produced when the fuels are being burnt that not only damage the environment but also can be harmful to us and other creatures.

Benefit 2 - You will find that commercial LED lighting lasts considerably longer than conventional lighting and so far less waste is being sent to those landfill sites. On average good quality LED lights will last 6.2 times as long as fluorescent lighting. This is because they use far less power to provide the energy they need but still emit a great deal more white light.

Benefit 3 - As these lights need far less energy to power them of course this means that a business can see quite a drastic reduction in how much they spend on electricity each year. Typically around 35 to 50% of all the electricity used in businesses today will be used to help power the lights. But of course as LED lights use a fraction of the electricity so this means that the costs will be quite a lot less.

Now let us take a look at what would occur if you chose to stick with your fluorescent lights.

1. Every year around 1 billion fluorescent lights will be disposed of around the world that contains mercury in them. This means that every year 50,000lbs of mercury is being able disposed of and it only takes 1 CFL (4mg) of mercury to be able to poison 2,000 liters of water. In fact most of the mercury that you find in your food today is as a result of industrial pollution.

2. Should you choose to remain using fluorescent light fixtures in your business premises then you are not helping to reduce the release of green house gasses into the world. Plus by not installing commercial 
 LED lighting will result in you still helping to release 5,700lbs of mercury into the air each year.

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