Monday, 12 February 2018

Why Are People Using LED Light Tubes?

Do you use LED light tubes? The traditional fluorescent tubes have been accepted by customers and the market for a long time. They are widely used for commercial lighting, even for industrial lighting. 

However, fluorescent tubes contain mercy and lead, which is not good for the environment. Besides, efficiency is only 45-60lm/w. In a word, it's not so prefect for the environment and energy.

Recently, LED technology improved quickly. LED (light-emitting-diode) is a semiconductor diode that emits light. 

It contains solid state technology made in Silicon Valley using similar technologies that are used in the latest microprocessors. It's considered as an energy saving and eco-friendly light source.

At present LED tubes are accepted in more and more countries.

What are advantages of LED Light tubes?

1. Energy Saving

In December 2009, efficiency of LED tubes can be 90-100lm/w (transparent cover). It's about 2 times to efficiency fluorescent tube. In 2010, efficiency can be 120lm/w.

2. Eco-friendly

LED does not contain lead or mercury. It's eco-friendly. Now, eco-friendly products are popular in most of countries. LED light tubes are one of them. So, it will be more and more popular.

3. Longer Lifespan

Lifespan of LED is over 50,000 hours. It's 5 times longer than lifespan of fluorescent tube.

4. Colors Choice

Colors of LED can be white, red, blue, green, yellow and so on. If we choose right wavelength, they can be used for plant grow.

5. Dimmable

LEDs which are easier to be dimmable and LED tubes are able to do this.

The only problem is price. As the cost of LED is high, price is over 3 times higher than fluorescent tube. However, LED is a semiconductor diode. Price will be down every year like computers.

Therefore, in the near future, the prices will be much reduced. Efficiency will be over 120lm/w. We believe many countries in Europe and North America can accept it.

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